What They Think About Their Trip

Hey George, thanks for a GREAT trip! Give me an email address so I can send you a picture of the old man with his first, BIG red. I really appreciate you hanging in there to get my dad his redfish. He was talking about it that night, the whole next day,

to my brother after I flew him to Dallas, on the phone with his wife… he’ll be talking about it for the rest of his life. He’s already got a spot on his office wall picked out for the picture. The trout were fantastic. We really enjoyed the dolphin experience. We ate both trout and reds at the Crab Inn that night. Thanks again, buddy. The whole trip was great. You made both me and my dad really happy, and he’s got REAL “fish stories” to tell people now.


Thanks again for an awesome fishing trip! My customers had a great time and are already discussing the next trip. I’ve attached two pictures from the trip. We look like proud fisherman!!
Chris Benwell

Just a little note. My son came over for his 16th birthday, and all he wanted to do was fish. So I got on a website, PortAransas.org. To my surprise, there were more than enough Captains to choose from. One really caught my eye – No Fish No Pay. Could this be real?

real? I thought, No Way! I called and talked to Captain George. George was very nice and explained how our trip would start and hopefully end. I believe George went above and beyond what anybody else would do. My son was very happy. Even though he caught some fish, none were keepers, but that’s fishing. Just to let everyone out there know, Captain George Rose is a great guide and keeps his word. Our trip was free!! Thanks Captain George!! We had a great time!! When my son does come back from California, we plan on calling you and trying again.

David Hodges

Dear George,
Thanks for working so hard to find us fish. You tried everything and it was just a tough day. I want you to post this on your web site so people will know how honest you really are.

If you want to post my phone number I’ll be happy to be a reference for you. George took myself and my wife fishing on a hot August day. There was no wind blowing and it was very hot. We started early and fished for trout first. We caught a lot of small fish (no keepers) but just couldn’t get any bigger fish to bite. George told us we should try fishing for red fish since the trout wouldn’t cooperate. We were fine with that as we just wanted to catch fish. We fished for red fish and caught some small ones but no keepers. George worked very hard and did his best. No one had any fish at the dock that day and most of the others came in early. At the end of the day we tried to pay George and he wouldn’t take any money. He just asked us to come back and give him another chance. He said it couldn’t be this bad two times in row. We are definitely going back! He really doesn’t charge if you don’t catch fish. You can’t go wrong with this guy. Thanks George. Regards.

Phillip Rangel

Dear George,
I really enjoyed both fishing trips with you. I am sending the pictures of the flounder with this one, and I will send electronic copies of the trout and reds very soon.
My favorite part of the first trip was catching flounder and stingrays. I really enjoyed watching the Dolphins. The other funny story was when the Dolphin broke my line and tried to eat my Trout, but we were able to take it back.

Fishing at Rockport is one of my favorite hobbies. Thank you for making it special.

Sarah Olson (12 years old)